On this Free Zoom Video Call Series:

1) Prayers and Mini Healing

2) Boundaries to Help You Keep Your Peace

3) Prosperity for You and the Economy

4) Inner and Outer Safety

5) Faith and Trust

6) Community Connection - Surround Yourself with like-minded spiritual souls!

I'll lead a prayer, blessings for humanity, a mini healing and also help you to increase peace, calm, prosperity, faith and trust to move through this challenging time much faster and easier.

Previous Recording Topics Include: 

  • Recovering yourself, releasing shock, fight-flight-freeze pattern, increasing boundaries, prosperity, inner and outer safety, faith and trust. 
  • Blessings for this world through the Twin Hearts Meditation, as well as healing hopelessness, helplessness, grief & loss. 
  • Prosperity and Abundance for yourself and our global economy. 
  • Transmuting Despair into Hope. 
  • Holding Space and Boundaries with your family while being in quarantine. 
  • Community Connection
  • Breathing Exercises for Peace & Health

Healer of Healers, Coaches and Transformational Workshop Leaders. Tiffany Cano will lead you in a prayer to help you better hold your space and boundaries. She was born intuitive, empathic, psychic & clairvoyant. She struggled as a kid being so in tune to the energies all around her. Over the years, she has learned how to embrace these skills to help others, while staying clean, clear & strong. Tiffany has been getting paid for healing since she was 8 years old. Now she is bringing it to you and is excited to help other empaths and spiritual souls!

FREE Healing & Prayers for the Coronavirus...

Feeling afraid, overwhelmed or taken out by the virus?

Has COVID-19 negatively effected your life, health or finances?

Come pray with me, and be of service blessing humanity, and also receive a mini healing to help you embody more peace, calm, health, prosperity and faith.

April Schedule

Saturdays at 12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET

Wednesdays at 6pm PT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET

****Get access to all of the recordings and to the upcoming "Live" Zoom Video Call. There will be different topics taught during each call. Let's bring more Light to this planet and raise the vibration.

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